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Ceramic coating

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If I do ceramic coating, will that help prevent the sun beating down making my paint start to fade/peel, and also help with light scratches from the mud or etc?

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Yes it will enhance the color. Blacks look blacker, reds more red, etc. It鈥檚 liquid quartz which reflects light.

It鈥檒l still get scratched and mud will still stick. But the work needed to clean and correct that is no where near than before.

Apex Detail on YT has demonstrated all of this many times
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Just to be clear, applying the actual coating doesn't take any sort of skill. Any coating worth applying will flash and need to be wiped off in maybe 30 seconds depending on the temp and humidity.

I wouldn't take it to a pro until I walked around the entire truck in the dark with a flashlight and took notes as to what kind of condition the paint was in before. Or have them do that when you take it in. If they make the case for wet sanding, you're probably in the right place.
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My High Country sits outside, and it has been one year since the ceramic coating, and it is scheduled to be refreshed in early January.
What does refreshed mean? If it's damaged or bused down, it has to be removed and reapplied...typically wet sanded.

You could polish coated paint, but that shouldn't be able to remove it. And if you're polishing it, then what's the point of the coating in the first place? That will typically make it look worse. Just use a sealant every 6 months or the beginning and end of the season.
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