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Ceramic coating

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If I do ceramic coating, will that help prevent the sun beating down making my paint start to fade/peel, and also help with light scratches from the mud or etc?

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If you have scratches, etc., you'll need to do a full paint correction first (clay bar, cutting [and maybe wet sanding], polishing, waxing). Ceramic will help protect the paint but it won't fix or hide imperfections. If your paint is starting to fade/peel, you'll need a repaint.
Ah I didn't know abt the prep work or to not be able to on fading paint. But ceramic will help from the sun making it fade and peel?

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There are many out there for a Diy cquartz is the way to go, it claims to harden your paint and help prevent minor scratches. Take that for what it鈥檚 worth I would say at best very very light protection and anything diy won鈥檛 be the same as a true pro dealer can get. As the post said above you need to do a full prep work. They make a speical soap to use when washing clay, polish etc. anything not corrected or left pre coat will not only still be there but will be 鈥渃overed鈥 also not sure your area most coats don鈥檛 flash to well in the cold. I was going to do one myslef just going to wait till spring. For now I鈥檒l use a sealant and wax and let it Rock for now
I didn't know about the cold weather situation. What wax do you use? I've never had a nice vehicle

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As red sled said if your paint is already fading or peeling it鈥檚 too late . Ceramic is great especially if you do it befor paint accumulates scratches and such .a lot of prep work plus you have to use the right kind c quartz is trusted there are others . There is also graphine coatings now that are really competitive . Two things I recently did mine took 5 hours of light prep work since paint was in great condition you have to remove all prior waxes sealants such than no imperfections or it will look like second it will have to sit and not get wet for at least 24 I waited 48 hours for the coating to cure one last thing the towels and applicator you used will have to be thrown away since when coating cures it leaves behind shards of glass in them but sealants waxes are good plus chemical guys makes hyrdrocharge which is right on par
Damn I didn't know that. Understood

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Yup I just picked up a new 23, I was going to put a ceramic coat on myself, but it is cold here prob won't get much higher than 32 rest of the year, my game plan now is going to wash, clay, light polish or a finish polish/ sealant and a type of wax over top. The new rave of products are "Si02" which is a form of ceramic coating. Just be mindful that most of these Si02 I won't say there are full gimmicks but they will not last as long as a true coat or a prof coat. There are very few out there but I have a si02 past wax from I believe Mckees, and I think another company just came out with one as well could be adams or another brand. The real trick part that should be left up to the pros is the paint correction, I have a hand polisher that won't do any harm I played it safe, but if you get one that can truly "cut" you need to be very careful as you could burn through the clear coat.
Yeah, like these products? That's what you're talking about?

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It鈥檚 cool just like anything else you get out what you put in had to do mine at the firehouse since I don鈥檛 have a garage 鈥︹..yet
Man I've got a garage, but I can't fit a bone stock 06 extended cab 1500 Silverado. It's pathetic lol

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What leveled17yeti said could have been said better. You need a perfect surface before you apply a coating otherwise it will look like turd for a long time. You can see here the results of the glass like finish if you take your time. And like Leveled17 said, toss the applicator out at the end of each session because it will scratch the hell out of the surface if you try to reuse it.

In this pic I did the drivers side and had not done the tailgate yet.

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Damn that truck looks like a mirror. I'm jealous of your garage size lol

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Yes it will enhance the color. Blacks look blacker, reds more red, etc. It鈥檚 liquid quartz which reflects light.

It鈥檒l still get scratched and mud will still stick. But the work needed to clean and correct that is no where near than before.

Apex Detail on YT has demonstrated all of this many times
Ok cool I'll check em out

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Better than mine I can fit our old sad 07 yarus I there 馃ゲ
Lol that crap is said. I'm like what's the point of a garage if you only make em big enough for dudes who use pronouns to park their car..

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This house was built in the 60s so grandma grocery getter the yarus is an 07 and gets good mileage but even the wife calls it the pregnant roller skate I don鈥檛 do pronouns if you really want to see my kind of garage go to obsessed garage on YouTube
Lol the pregnant roller skate! I like that. I bet y'all were glad when our fearless leader big Daddy joe Biden jacked up gas prices lol.

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When I bought my truck I had it ceramic coated by the dealer. They use Metrotech at their detail shop. As soon as I got it home I applied a second layer of Armor Shield. This truck..everything is black! My brother had given me an Armor Shield IX kit. One note..make sure you have good water or get a filter. Because you can cause water spots.

Wanted that extra protection because my truck lived outside. Garage is stuffed with my classic trucks.
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See I thought ceramic made the water just bead off and not able to stick to cause water spots

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What does refreshed mean? If it's damaged or bused down, it has to be removed and reapplied...typically wet sanded.

You could polish coated paint, but that shouldn't be able to remove it. And if you're polishing it, then what's the point of the coating in the first place? That will typically make it look worse. Just use a sealant every 6 months or the beginning and end of the season.
So don't polish anything if it has ceramic coating?

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My iridium paint on my 2014 obviously doesn't look brand new and doesn't have that "pop". Would y'all get this product or a different one, or even a polish instead to make my iridium pop more? It's a beautiful color especially with the red metallic. And if ceramic is the main product you want, do y'all know which brand usually has the most ceramic?

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If you want it to pop, and start from "zero," so to speak, go get a paint correction with ceramic coating, and they'll tell you how to maintain it from there.

I really like the marketing, BTW: "NASA Infused Technology."
That's out of my budget for the moment. But do you think this product or similar product but different brand that could give me more of that pop?

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Yeah go get it completed paint corrected and have them explain it to you.

Currently I use Turtle Wax Ice Sealant and then put a layer of Meguiars paste wax above it
I tried the turtle wax ceramic spray and did not notice a lick of difference. So me and the turtle got beef

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Well this is odd. My thread got deleted and all the replies got moved here. No wonder I couldn't find the thread..

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If you're putting wax or ceramic on top of flawed paint, it will only makes those flaws stand-out more.
There's no flaws. Just a few rock chips

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yeah you need to do some work on paint before it really pops.

Wax will help though
So work as in applying wax?

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As in polishing and paint correction
Ok look for a good Polish like this and go from there?

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