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Ceramic coating

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If I do ceramic coating, will that help prevent the sun beating down making my paint start to fade/peel, and also help with light scratches from the mud or etc?

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There are many out there for a Diy cquartz is the way to go, it claims to harden your paint and help prevent minor scratches. Take that for what it’s worth I would say at best very very light protection and anything diy won’t be the same as a true pro dealer can get. As the post said above you need to do a full prep work. They make a speical soap to use when washing clay, polish etc. anything not corrected or left pre coat will not only still be there but will be “covered” also not sure your area most coats don’t flash to well in the cold. I was going to do one myslef just going to wait till spring. For now I’ll use a sealant and wax and let it Rock for now
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Yup I just picked up a new 23, I was going to put a ceramic coat on myself, but it is cold here prob won't get much higher than 32 rest of the year, my game plan now is going to wash, clay, light polish or a finish polish/ sealant and a type of wax over top. The new rave of products are "Si02" which is a form of ceramic coating. Just be mindful that most of these Si02 I won't say there are full gimmicks but they will not last as long as a true coat or a prof coat. There are very few out there but I have a si02 past wax from I believe Mckees, and I think another company just came out with one as well could be adams or another brand. The real trick part that should be left up to the pros is the paint correction, I have a hand polisher that won't do any harm I played it safe, but if you get one that can truly "cut" you need to be very careful as you could burn through the clear coat.
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