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Chrome Mirror Caps for Vertical Trailer Mirrors

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Hello all, this is my first post here.

We are about to bring home a new 2016 Silverado 2500 HD with the vertical trailer mirrors (with amber turn signals on them). This truck has the LT trim and the mirrors are black. If possible, I would like to add/change the caps to a chrome finish. The higher trim offerings with factory chrome mirrors have a chrome section top and bottom, with black in-between where the turn signal is. I would like to duplicate this look, not cover the whole thing with chrome or cover the arms.

I have searched online and have not been able to find caps for this particular mirror style. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and where I could find the parts?

I did a forum search and found several post about changing the chrome to body color, but not about changing the black to chrome on this particular mirror style.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You can find them on many of the online GM parts stores.
They are quite pricey for what you get. The lowers are different for gas or Diesel. Verify the part numbers are correct for your mirrors.

Chrome Tow Mirror Upper caps

Chrome Tow Mirror Lower caps - Diesel ONLY for the sensor
23444122 ... 15633.html

Chrome Crew Cab Window Moulding
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That is exactly what I am looking for, and you are correct, they are pricey for what you get.
Noticed afterwards you do have gas, so your chrome lowers would be a different part number I believe.
Personal choice. I would pay a lot extra to not have one piece of chrome on my 2017 Silverado.
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