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Thank you for choosing to help sell your Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Trucks and accessories. In order to maintain consistency in the site and ease of use for our members, please observe the following guidelines while posting:

Special Note: All For Sale posts must follow these guidelines. Any post that does not meet the guidelines will be disapproved. Upon disapproval, the post will be lost in a land, far, far away. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read these guidelines prior to posting to ensure that your ad get's posted quickly. For further information, please contact a site staff member.

All "For Sale" posts MUST contain the following:
1) A description of the item(s) for sale. (manufacturer, part#, condition, etc.)
2) An actual picture of each item that is being listed (if selling four wheels, there must be a picture of all four wheels. If they are still on the truck, walk around the truck and take all four pictures...easy peazy).
3) A price for each item being listed, unless seller only wants to trade, in which case it should specify what is being requested in trade. If you are not sure of an exact price for your item, simply guess a starting price then follow it with "OBO" (Or Best Offer).
4) A specific location for the item and whether or not shipping the item is an option. Specific location MUST include City, State and Zip code if shipping is added to the cost of the unit. If shipping cost is included in the price or the item is pick-up only, you can include just the city and state for reference purposes.

When posting "Trucks for Sale", the post MUST contain a minimum of the following:
1) Year
2) Make
3) Model
4) Mileage
5) Asking Price (If you are not sure of an exact price, simply guess a starting price then follow it with "OBO" (Or Best Offer).
6) Options (justification of selling price)
7) Picture(s) of the truck
8) Shipping Options (or local sale only)
9) Zip code where the truck is located

If you chose to post a Craigslist or eBay link be certain that your ad posted on contains all of the pertinent information. In other words, do not just post a Craigslist or eBay link, it will be deleted.

No one likes haters! If a member replies to a for sale post with the intent of flaming, degrading, complaining (about price, etc), or any other post that does not pertain to purchasing or asking for more details about the item(s) for sale, that post can and will be deleted (either at the OP's request or by a site staff member).

NOTE: Members, please visit our new Facebook page to give even MORE exposure: Silverado Sierra - Trucks for Sale. This is a new site that is here to help build further social media presence and allow you to have a place to sell on Facebook. Make sure to like the new page!

NOTE TO NEWLY REGISTERED MEMBERS: You do not have permissions to post in the classifieds section. All members are required to have a minimum of 20 posts within the forums before a post will be approved within the classified sections. This is to reduce people joining just to sell something. There are enough online marketplaces to post items for sale these days and we do not want to be one of those. This section is for our loyal membership.

Once your listing has been sold, the OP can contact a Global Moderator to request a lock on their post. This will be performed by a moderator as well as the text "***SOLD***" will be added to the Subject of the posting for clear identification. Under any circumstance, once a listing is sold, the post will not be deleted.

Thank you and best of luck with your sale!
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