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my 2011 Sierra had some very grungy inner fog light housings. Since they are sealed, I have no idea how water and sludge got in there.

Used a 10mm, 6 point socket to compress the clips for simple removal.

I poured Cascade dishwashing powder & warm water inside the housings. It did a great job on one housing but not the other. So I then poured white vinegar in the bad housing. The vinegar did loosen up more crud, but I followed up with another Cascade/warm water treatment. I'd say the 2nd one is now about 95% clean & should look good when reinstalled on the truck.

Do note that I shook the assemblies quite a bit during this process & let them sit a good half hour to soak.

My LED bulbs should arrive Thurs. I'm looking forward to a noticeable improvement.

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