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Driving over very rough train tracks last week my clutch pedal went to the floor and I couldn't shift. Immediately pulled into a parking lot. The master clutch fluid reservoir was full, fluid filled with black silt, so I assumed the internals on the slave blew out. I waited for a tow, tow truck showed up and blew a hyro line. I got back in my truck and was able to shift into first, drove the truck home (a mile away) at home it resumed the peddle pushing to the floor without engaging.

I went to O'Reilly auto and bought their slave cylinder, replaced it, bleed it, and the truck was back on the road fine. I checked the reservoir and no fluid loss after a few days. That brand had only 1 review with 1 star for a brake master that failed the first week. Well, driving over the same tracks the clutch pedal went to the floor (and didn't return last time it was merely spongy); by the time I was able to pull over (pumping the pedal more than a few times in frustartion) the fluid reservoir was empty. I looked under the truck and the clutch line from where it passes the block to the slave was dry, the bleeder valve was dry, the clutch line and fitting entering the slave was dry, there appeared to be clear/brake fluid on the tranny where the slave inserts as well as potentially on the oil pan. I also checked the line from the master to where it passes behind the block and didn't see any fluid (nor any on the wheel well inside fender).

Presumably, I just got a bad slave cylinder that blew out when I shifted going over the tracks. Unless, the line blew out well above the slave and somehow the fluid leaked in some bizarre way. I'm ordering the "excedy" part from rockauto but now I'm paranoid that I need to order the nicer "luk" part that summit stocks.

Any advice on this situation? Am I fine with the exceedy or should I order the luk? Should I not be shifting while going over bumps?

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