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Cold air intake is making my Check engine light come on

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Hello all, I have a question for you I bought a 2002 Chevy 1500 5.3 LS, and the truck is awesome but the check engine light keeps coming on, after taking it to my mechanics and having them spend hours looking and test driving, he told me the Cold air intake is making the light come on, I've never heard of this so I tried cleaning the mass airflow sensors and I tried disconnecting the negative battery cable and doing a computer reset the light will go out for about 20 miles then it comes back so I just want to return to stock and be done with it my question in I bought a Air box but I cant seem to find the stock tubing that goes from the air box to the engine (I'm not sure of the name for it) any suggestions to where I could find it?

P.S would I need a new Mass air flow sensor?

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I would think that the GM parts department would have access to all the parts you would need. They can look them up using your VIN.

You say you have a CEL, but is the vehicle operating fine? If so, not sure I would be concerned.
I would find out what the CEL is first before i did anything. If a mechanic spent hours on it to come to the conclusion it was the intake, they are probably not very good.
Quite honestly that sounds like a mechanic without a clue. I've never heard of a CAI flipping on a CEL and needing to return to stock without it being an obvious case of idiot installed something they should not have. I'd find out what the exact code is and probably get a 2nd opinion. If you were closer I'd just say try the tube I have here and see if it helps. I'm one of the rare ones who does not sell the take off stock parts on my trucks though. I believe the part you are looking for would be called an air intake tube. I'd suggest going to a auto salvage yard to track one down. Other option would be to get the Air Raid Jr intake tube. Can say with no doubt that the Jr intake tube with stock air box will not cause a problem. If you were to install that and still have the issue come up. Then it is a 100% guarantee that something else is causing it.
I would pull the code first. It may have nothing at all to do with your CAI. If you don't have a OBD scan tool any AutoZone, Advance Auto, etc. will pull the code for you as long as the CEL is on. Good luck.
I agree I think the mechanic didn't have a clue , CAI shouldn't have anything to do with your truck's engine light coming on unless maybe it's MAS sensor
I would pitch a fit at the "mechanic". Taking hours to only tell you that is pathetic.

Get the code read and see what it actually says. A CEL means nothing unless you get the code. That can help narrow it down as to what to start looking for.

My guess is that if it's a MAF code then you either have a wiring issue (not likely if it was working before the cai), a bad sensor (again not likely if it was working beforehand), or a leak after the MAF, which is highly likely.

If it's not MAF related, then you need to look elsewhere depend on what the code is.
Is your air filter one that you oil when you clean it? If so, there is a chance that it is so saturated with oil it keeps fouling your sensor. You said you cleaned the sensor and about 20 miles later your CEL is back on. The sensor might be fouled again. So there is a chance, in a roundabout way, the mechanic is on to something. This probably isn't likely though.

The hose leaking near the sensor seems like a pretty good thing to check. And definitely find out what the code actually is. Not sure if the code for the MAF sensor came up, but shouldn't have taken hrs to figure out.
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