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I'm in the hunt for a replacement engine in the future for my truck. Right now I have 235,000 miles on my truck and it runs great, but I know it won't last forever. I don't see the point in spending $25-30k on a new truck when this one has everything I need in a truck as it's not my daily commuter, it's my weekend hunting/hiking/skiing/exploring rig.

I've been searching for either a good low mileage drop in or a cheap high mileage engine that needs rebuilding (still looking into the cost/benefit of each). My confusion centers around the actual engine that I need to swap in.

My truck is 2004 5.3L VIN T engine. But, what I'm finding out the 03-04 VIN T engines have differences from the 05-07 VIN T engines, and likewise going back to the 99-02 VIN T engines. Things like fuel rail size, injectors, etc.

I'm looking for something I can simply drop in (understanding some accessory swap might be necessary), or what kind of alterations am I looking at for dropping in a 05-07 or 99-02 engine?

I was a tech for about 5 years and I am completely comfortable doing all of the work, but I'm not a Chevrolet engineer and don't know exact specifics of each iteration of the 5.3L engine.

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I would think the changes would be minimal like intake, injectors, etc. the base engine should be the same so worst case scenario is you just have to swap the long blocks.
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