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Creaking wheel hub but no warning signs for failure - Video

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I've had this problem for about 2-3 weeks now. The sound started out just a little at first when going over speed bumps but I didn't think much of it.
Now the issue has gotten a little worse to the point of when I just lightly turn the wheel, it creaks.

I've pinpointed the sound down to the wheel hub assembly (I'm pretty sure..just laying under the truck and trying to locate where the noise is coming from)

The only thing that's making me hesitate about thinking it's the wheel hub assembly, is that there are no other warning signs. The ABS light hasn't come on, and there's no vibration/play in the wheel. The only issue is the creaking sound.

Volume warning*
Turning the wheel left/right while parked
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It wouldn't be my lower ball joint, would it? I just bought MOOG ones maybe a month ago and would really hate to think that they've already failed.
A wheel hub will not cause that noise just from turning the wheel, ever. You did grease the ball joints when you put them in, right?

Get a cheap stethescope to narrow the noise down, when you touch it to the bad part it will be deafening. ... 69913.html

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The balljoints were greased, just not enough apparently. I just put a whole lot into the squeeky lower ball joint (assuming that's what the sqeeking is) and took it for a 5minute drive. It still squeeked, just not as much.
Came home, put a few more pumps of grease into it.

I assume the noise will slowly go away once the grease gets into all the tight places
Jack it up under the LCA to release the pressure on the ball joint, then grease it.
Do you guys think it's possible that the ball joint has already been damaged from the lack of grease? Even after I filled it up (havent jacked it up under the lca yet), it was still squeeking
Jacked it up under the LCA, filled it right up but then noticed that some of the grease was leaking out of around the top of the boot. Should this be of concern?

It also still squeeks.

Would you guys recommend I just go buy a new one?
I had the same problem. It was the ball joint. I tried greasing but it never went away. I did not think about jacking it up before greasing it though. I changed the ball joint and now she is quiet. Ball joints are cheap.
So... just finished up changing out my new MOOG ball joint for another new MOOG one... problem is still there.
There goes $150

Anyone else got any ideas? Or should I just turn up the radio and forget about it?
Thought you already knew that it was the wheel bearing causing the issues?
8Point1 said:
Thought you already knew that it was the wheel bearing causing the issues?
That's what I thought till others said it was the balljoint and the wheel bearing wouldnt squeek when turning.
You should pump them with grease until you get a little squeeze out, that's how you know there full. On a used rig, for the first greasing, I always grease them until I pretty much push out all the old.
Leak out of the grease fitting, or around the boot?
So it is suppose to leak out around the boot? I thought that might mean that the boot is messed up
No that's how you know it's greased properly. If the grease is coming from the middle of the boot then you have an issue

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