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Thought I'd take a moment to share some stuff I learnt last weekend as I drove my truck for the first time on the sand

First off it was great fun!!!! If you get the chance DO IT!!

My truck is an un modified 2010 4x4 Z71 Extended Cab Silverado in Canadian spec (Goodyear wrangler tyres)

Initially I was driving like a pussy and this meant I got created on the top of every dune. The trick is to get the feel for a pace that allows you to maintain enough speed to get your front wheels over the top and carry enough for the chassis to slide on the top of the dune till the back wheels bite again and you go down the other side

But go to fast and you'll be bouncing your truck hard on the other side. With so much weight in the truck this would be very harsh

I found the 4wd low with tow haul activated the best in the technical dunes. Tow haul meant the revs stayed nice and high in the power zone plus tow haul also activates engine breaking which was great when descending big slip faces

I'd removed my side steps as I had been told this was advisable and I can see why now. My ground clearance is significantly increased without them but more importantly they wouldn't have been strong enough to cope with the weight of the truck on them on the crests of dunes. Removing them also gives a nice smooth underside allowing the truck to feel very smooth as it slid on the crests

The plastic guard protecting the belts took a beating and eventually gave up needing cutting off. I'll get an 8mm aluminium one fabricated to replace it

The front bumper plastic lower section took a bit of a beating but not too bad. I think if I can reinforce the attachments it will be fine. I'd removed the air dam a while ago

The rear bumper also dragged a few timed rattling the plastic sections. I'll look at a way of better securing them

My exhaust seems a long way out the back and exposed too. I'm thinking I'll chop it right back so it dumps just past the rear axle to protect it better. Not sure what the rules are on that here

I ran 17 psi in the front tyres and 12 in the back. Front tyres are most likely to get rolled off the rim and the higher pressure should help plus the lower rear pressure gives you more grip where you need it

I have a snatch strap, bridle for the front hooks and a recovery hitch for the rear plus 3 shackles. These were all used plenty as was the shovel!!!

No pictures of the truck in the dunes but here are a couple of tailgating ones from the evenings camping

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383663393.444666.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383663498.798656.jpg

I do have a bit of through the screen go pro footage I'll see if I can edit up. But it's all from when I was still finding my feet

So on the to do list

Fit 2 inch lift to the front

Fit new aluminium bash plate

Tidy up both bumpers

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