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Just picked up member DarkMJ16's tuner (thx) and had Lew build a tune for the truck.

Just an FYI that may only effect a small no of users here but had trouble trying to get log files to Lew and then to get Lew's tune to migrate over to the truck. Followed the Diablo site instructions and Lew's emails but the truck wasn't finding them. The Diablo rep was great and turns out the Windows 7 OS - I'm running on the desktop - is no longer supported by Diablo. (Bummer - I'm holding out with my Win7 until I have the last machine on earth running it).

The Diablo rep did find a work around that involved giving him remote access to the cpu and tweaking some things before the tunes would migrate.

So all you fellow Win7 holdouts (😎👊) that may get a Diablo, borrow someone's Win10 laptop to load it.
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