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DL3 Mirrors/Question

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I printed out the build sheet for my truck. It lists DL3 mirrors and states heated.

My question is: Are all DL3 mirrors heated? Mine do not have the little defrost emblem etched into the mirror, I assumed they were not heated. Just got the truck, it really hasn't been cold enough to tell if they are or not.
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They don't have to have the logo. Just turn your mirror heat button on or your defrost, whatever it may be. stick your hand on it to see if they get warm.
Thats the easiest way to find out.
They aren't on the truck anymore lol
I installed tow mirrors and are selling the original mirrors. I guess I could plug one back in.
did tow mirrors have power, heated option? if so...then if they are plugged up....turn on defrost (may be rear defrost) and see
Yes, my tow mirrors have heat, power and turn signal. I am sure the mirrors I took off were heated as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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