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Hey there. I've got a 2004 1500 5.3l with ~55k
I purchased it with a full belltech lowering kit which in the last month a got it back to stock Height, I just need to replace the front leaf spring brackets/hangers in the rear. I also replaced the aftermarket muffler with a street flow muffler this month.

I paid a shop to do the suspension work and due to their incompetence, they failed to "notice" that I needed the front hangers on the leaf springs so I opted not to go back to them and have been waiting for time off work to find another shop to complete the suspension.
The last week or two I've been noticing that when getting on to the highway, at about 55mph the engine/exhaust sounds like it is surging abit, but when I give it more throttle and it changes gears it goes away. I don't notice it at idle.
Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue? I wish I was more mechanically inclined. Thanks for any help
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