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Final result and conclussion

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I had put up a post asking about putting 2016 OEM 18" Silverado 2WD wheels and tires on a Stock 2005 Silverado 2WD. I did some research and after careful consideration of all the info that i received, i thought it was worth doing it.
Heres the back story on this truck... i got it for next to nothing after being told the engine was shot. I pulled the rocker arms and pushrods and swapped them out for new OEM parts and the truck runs perfectly, NO noise, ticking, knocking, etc.. smooth as can be. I have been putting money into taking care of small issues like the air bag light and a few other things. At this point i have less than $2k in the truck and there are no warning lights on and no codes!
So heres the story on the wheels and tires: I went ahead and put the 2016 Silverado 18" Wheels on the 2005 Silverado (all stock suspension). They do not rub and the speedo if off by less than 1.7 MPH according to my GPS.
Just thought i would post that for anybody who wanted to know.


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Looks much better!

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