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My truck came with a fisher truck side plow setup, no plow though. so I picked up a mm2 for it. It worked up down side to side. I saw a light out but I just figured it needed a bulb. Great I put it away until the other day.

Got the plow out changed the fluid, filter cleaned up so rust a little paint and changed the bulb. Hmm still did not work. I took both lights apart rebuilt the parking/blinker sockets. Soldered the wires and heat shrinked everything. Cleaned the headlight sockets, plugged the headlights in damn the low beam drivers side still out. So I got out the power probe checked all the wiring it all checked out? :roll: So I gave up that day. I talked to a guy I know about it he said what color label is on the module? I said White #26400, He said that for a #ord or a #odge it will not work right in a GM you need a #27781 Green label, Great now I need a module. So I called Fisher plows in Maine,after a few emails and a couple of return calls from them,(they really called me and I only have a used plow!) They had me check wiring, plugs the way the truck headlights were plugged in nothing worked :( So I started looking on ebay for a used module, and then my phone rings it was the guy from Fisher in Maine. He wanted me to try something else. He had me make a jumper to go into the configuration plug jumped from the center B terminal to A terminal to change the ground to a common negative ground. It worked and everything works right.

So anyone reading this who is setting up a Fisher plow on a 03-07 Silverado you can use the more common #26400 white label 4 port module if you don't have a #27781 green label 4 port module. Just change the configuration plug from a blank to a jumper from The center B pin to right side A pin.

I have to give the tech at Fisher a ton of credit for researching above and beyond what he had to do to help me. A good American company!
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