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I have a 2006 1500 crew cab 4x4. Currently it has a rough country 4 inch lift installed. Previous to this lift I had torsion key lift. My main reasoning for buying the RC kit was to get a smoother ride and to fix my issue at full steering lock.
The issue is when I'm just about to full lock I can feel the direction of pull change in the steering wheel. Instead of straightening back out it will want to go to full lock. At this time you can hear my tires just scratching and griping on the concrete. On fresh black top it will squealllll thru the entire turn. If I straighten the wheel out back to where it wants to pull it's self straight the squeeling/ tire scribing goes away. Also my turning radius is less than it should be. I've driven the identical truck back to back it it feels way better. In a straight line the truck drives perfect.
I've had truck into multiple alignment shops and all claim "it's in spec". Visually my camber looks positive.
I ended up buying a camber/caster gauge and adjusting it myself. I am out of adjustment and cannot get the camber to go more negative on one side. On the other side I do have enough adjustment.
I ended up ordering new upper control arms with the offset bushings. I'm hoping this allows be to get the camber closer to 0. I don't have a super flat surface to check it on now but I would say I have around 1/4 degree positive camber on both sides, about 4.5 degree caster on left front and about 5 degrees caster on right front. I'm making myself a toe gauge this weekend so I'm unsure where that is at the moment.

Could my tires having positive camber cause this issue? From what I'm reading it is in spec. I'm hoping to get closer to zero or .1 degree negative once I get the offset bushings.

Is there anything I'm missing? I've done lots of research on this and I can't find anything really.
All steering components are tight, except for a little play in upper ball joints.
I owned this truck stock and everything was fine. No issues whatsoever.

Any help would be great!
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