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Future Chevy owner?

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So I'm rather new to Chevy. I currently own a Volkswagen TDI Passat that's about to be returned to VW once I get the approval, just not sure when that's going to be. Personally I prefer Ford, and a F150 before the VW, had a 70 mile round trip 5 days a week and couldn't afford gas. Looking at Chevys and GMC as options though. Nissan and Dodge are about the only 2 I don't care to look at. Toyota is nice but bad MPG. Looking through here looks like most are getting similar deals to F150s right now. I found this 15 LTZ at a local dealer and am going to look at it tomorrow. Seem like a decent starting price or over priced by a ton? ... /13216928/
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A little much. You can get a 2016 for a similar price. Remember GM sticker prices are inflated almost 10k. So usually you can get them to take 8-10k off the sticker.

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Chevy`s for sure but are you saying the VW TDI had bad mileage and a truck would be better.
Not at all. My TDI made it from Vegas to El Paso on one 18 gal tank. Over the 42,000 miles I've put on it I've avg 45 mpg. I know I'll be paying a lot more inas every week and I'll ge no where near that, I just want a truck again.
At that price above I would look at buying new at the dealer. Lots of incentives. You may not get the LTZ package but .....
I just saw an add where GM was offering 20% off MSRP on all 2016 vehicles. That should get you about $8,000 or more off the sticker on a newer truck.
That's always..

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