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Good Deal? 1990 Chevy 2500, Help!

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I've been looking around for a vehicle i can use from time to time for some weekend fun or just a hobby to work on from time to time and have come across a 1990 Chevy Silverado 2500 (Cheyenne Edition) in what i would call overall great condition but what to get some other opinions on the price of it.

The Truck:

1990 Chevy Silverado 2500 (Cheyenne Edition)


Truck has been siting for a couple years before it was donated to a mechanics school (where I'm buying from) and has had the brakes bleed, fluids replaced and constantly getting minor work done for the past month (eg: Transmission fluid was just replaced).


It's current state is fairly good in my opinion with some interior mold on the seat belts , algae on the grille from weather (etc from sitting), Paint peeling off of the room above the window (only spot) other than that the original paint is in excellent condition with almost no rust on the body as you can see from the pictures. Other than normal wear on the interior it seems fine. BTW the interior has this blue bench seat that is in great condition and is very comfortable. Tires have 80% tread left and i have been reassured they are ok.


The engine is the original 350 that comes with the 2500 (3/4 ton) version of the truck and has 155964 miles on the odometer, other than a small leak in the valve cover gasket which is an easy fix the engine looks and runs fine.


Truck has the original owners manual with the 3 year warranty card from 1990 and dealership delivery (had 12 miles on it when it was bought in 1990)
truck also has an added rpm gauge as it didn't originally come with one and the truck has a canopy which i plan to sell once if i get it.

So the big question is should i buy it. The teacher from the mechanics school said he'd sell it to me for $1000 US but i plan to talk him into a full tank of gas, he's also stated that if the truck has some major issue with it within a few months of purchase that he'd buy it back from me for the same price and that he'd help with small issues.

So Should I? :)
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It would be foolish not to buy it... IMO
$1000.00 I wouldn't wait. If you don't like it afterwards you could easily resell it.
Can't go too wrong for that price.

But keep something in mind. At the schools I went to we had several trucks that's gm donated to us. Including two gmt400 3500hd trucks, any anyone who knows these trucks knows those are fairly sought after trucks.

They all had no more than 1000 miles on them. But that was just from pulling in and out of the shop over the years. All their use was idle time. I know we idled the ones we had for a couple hours per class easily doing various tests and such. Not to mention the wiring was messed with countless times from guys not knowing what they're doing.

So they were basically brand new trucks, but with a TON of idle time. They had zero rust and we're in visually mint condition. I would probably buy one if I came across one cheap enough though.

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Sorry forgot to add the photos , here they are :).


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Ya for sure jump all over it. I love the vellllvet seats. It sounds like it is in good shape. And it looks really good although can`t tell just by looks
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