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Grinding noise Help

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I noticed a grinding noise when i make a left or right turn.. . I don't hear it all the time its random. mostly on an incline. I can feel it in my steering wheel and seems like the truck slows down when this is happening.. I was out today and did a U turn to the left and heard it really bad ... I'm not sure if its in my lift of its an over turn from my tires .. any help will be appreciated
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Have some One hold your steering at full lock, since you get a little more turning if some one holds it and Look at your inner fenders for rubbing. Or your UCA for rubbing.

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I did try that .. i watched the tires for any rubbing. all is clear . no rubbing marking anywhere . I't don't have to be at full turn when it happens
Geeze if it is your lift you would think the professionals who did the lift would have checked for all the possibilities of rubbing it is to new to be a wheel bearing?
Could also be a ball joint on the UCA
That's quite odd on a brand new truck/lift.

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Ill take it to the dealer let them figure it out .. It's only got 10k miles on the truck and 3K on the lift
I don`t know about going to the dealer 1st, maybe go to the people who installed the lift the dealer might give you flack about the lift re: warranty?
True.. I just want it fixed .. I'll call the Shop that installed the lift tomorrow
For sure I think they being familiar with your ride should be able to pin point it out as they did the front end work good luck.
I can tell you right now what it (more than likely) is -

When you're on in an incline, the back of the front fender will be dipping down more than a flat ride, which will cause your tire to rub on the bottom of the metal fender (or if your plastic wheel well is lower than that). What you'll have to do is called a Norcal mod.
If you don't want to trim your metal, then drill a few holes in your plastic wheel well and ziptie it as tight as you can to pull it as far away from the tire as possible.

Other thing it might be is your traction control. Lots of guys on here have warned me about my zip tied ABS wiring to my knuckle and that's what was causing my grinding/slowing down of the truck randomly when turning or going down hills/up hills.

And as for watching the tires go to full lock... Just remember, your X amount of weight when sitting in the drivers seat makes the suspension drop a fair bit. So when you're standing outside of the truck with no one in it while watching for rubbing, that won't give you an accurate visual of how the suspension actually sits when driving.

Just keep in mind, your new suspension lift won't sit at the 7.5 inches for very long. I've had the same lift on my truck for 1.5months and I've already had to trim more of the valance off because the suspension is settling.
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This makes more since then a wheel bearing going out in 3k miles .. its dark here now but i will check tomorrow and i do get my T/C light on sometimes I will check that also
Don40 said:
This makes more since then a wheel bearing going out in 3k miles .. its dark here now but i will check tomorrow and i do get my T/C light on sometimes I will check that also
One thing you could do to confirm if it is traction control is just turn it off for a couple days and go out of your way to find some inclines, windy roads that would generally cause your grinding noise.
I had T/C off today still had heard it grinding
Don40 said:
I had T/C off today still had heard it grinding
It's more than likely your fenders then. I've got the same setup as you, 35'' tires with 20x10 rims.
Although the body style is different (I've got a 2011), I'm sure it would be the same issue.

I'll go snap a picture of what I've had to do.

You could also get a couple friends or family members to sit in the truck and go sit on an incline and have one of them (2 people to make up for the lack of drop when accelerating up the incline when you're by yourself) turn the wheel to full lock, both ways while you watch to see if the tire rubs or not.

When I first installed my lift kit, I reversed and turned out of the driveway it it literally ripped half of the plastic wheel well liner from the the truck... Which is why I had to do the NORCAL mod and zip tie.
Bit hard to really see, but hopefully you get the point.
Trim the plastic back and then cut and hammer the tin up and out of the way. It won't screw up your body lines or anything, just a bit of hidden bodywork and your issue will be gone.

It sucks to do that to a new truck, but that's really your only option.

Picture cam out sideways cause I uploaded it off my phone.
If you need help with doing it, just PM me or google it. (Unless your dealer will do it for you)


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Try going through your drive selection, 4x4, both high and low; just to give the transfer case a run up, see if that throws anything back in sync.
That could definitely be an option, but on a brand new truck.. I think it would be a rare occurance.
If you've ever driven in 4WD on a dry surface and tried to turn, it would cause the same issue that you're describing.
Thanks I will check it out .. I put some white duct tape to see is that where its rubbing .. I hate to cut up a 50K truck if I don't need to. I will drive it for a few days and keep an eye on it. Looks like like its more on the passenger side where I have a rub I'll let u know
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