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HD, or not HD ???

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I heard some 1500 Silverados are Heavy Duty and some are not.

How do you tell if a truck is HD or not HD?

Mine is an LT and is supposed to have the towing package, so does that mean it's HD?
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OK, sounds like 1500HD is actually a 2500

I've never seen a half ton with 8 lugs.

Used to, towing package or HD simply meant different gear ratio and heavier leaf springs and maybe setup for the truck to control elcrtic brakes on the trailer
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Well, towing package should be closer to heavy duty than standard package
Check your RPO codes
Are those on the tag in the glove box?
Not that I wear gloves or anything
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Yes cause we know if one tows stuff they don't need their truck to have extra abilities verses trucks that aren't towing stuff
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Well snowflake said in the post above there's no difference these days
Well, my truck came thru a special program where it had HD equipment added to it and it was un credited... it's part of their performance shop add ons
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It's part of their performance shop ad on where they
make you sign an NDA so I can't really talk about it.
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Oh no, this is top shelf stuff man.

Insiders only kinda stuff... they'll only negotiate at the topless bar and you have to cover the bill.

You know, one of those behind the shop deals
Today, GM refers to the 2500/3500 as HD and the 1500 as LD.
So does LD stand for Latter Day and the trucks are assembled in Sal Lake City by people that ride bikes to work?
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GM Performance Shop service.... not allowed for Hosers from north of the border
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It certainly beats being grumpy!

It's one of the sad thing that happens to most people... as kids they have fun and are happy, but once they grow up they can't take a joke, think too highly of themselves, and they become grumpy!
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Someone posted earlier that for 1500s it's a moot point cause all of them are considered Heavy Duty these days... and then snowflake posted that just because one has the towing package it doesn't mean it has a more heavy duty booty.

So, it's OK to laugh every now and again... you should give it a whirl, it's lots of fun!
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Well, somebody said something about because one has the towing package it doesn't mean it has a more heavy duty booty

Are you now saying if one.has the towing package their truck has a is mo more heavy duty booty, you know on the rear end?
OK, it's settled then... if a truck has the towing package it's mo heavy duty than a truck without the towing package.

Glad you fellas were able to get that all cleared up for everybody.
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There's this really cool invention they've come out with... it's called the "Paragraph"

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There is the HD trailer package available on the 1500 but that should not be confused with a true HD truck.
Yep, and snowflake says the big trailer toe package is mo heavier duty booty that a truck with no big trailer toe package... and it comes with mo toe jam too!

Now we're cookin with gas!
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Snaowflake flippin burgers at Mickey D's
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Did snowflake drive off the bridge again?
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you= butthead wow
Bevis uses paragraphs, but apparently butthead does not :giggle:

Would it hurt a fella to use paragraphs ?
It was a friendly suggestion... you know, from 4th grade engiish class
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