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I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I think somewhere in the content of this story, there's bound to be a clue as to the real cause of my problem. It's just going to require someone more knowledgeable than I to see it.

About a month ago I pulled my boat trailer out of the water time down my boat and went to drop off my headlights(low beams) were not working. I realize the high beams worked so got home checked fuses,relays bulbs and all were good. I did get the low beams to come back on briefly by tilting my steering wheel up just a little and pushing the dimmer switch forward slightly. This was short-lived however and was left with high beams only while trying to figure out the problem.

This is where it gets interesting and I think the clue lies here. Two days ago I'm pulling my boat out of the water again, secure the boat and as I'm driving off I realize my high beams are out also.

Once again fuses relays and bulbs are good the high beams did come back on a few times, not due to any effort of mine, but it was short-lived and now I am in the dark!

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the problem for me...sorry bout that, couldn't help myself.
Ps- personally I think it's the dimmer switch
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