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Hello all,

I have tried finding out this on and thought I would try my luck here. I have searched on tones of sites and forums have not luck. Anyway I am dealing with a huge issue that has plagued me and my tunner through two engines.

I am running a 04 silverado ecsb lq4 prc 2.5 5.3 heads, toruqer v2 cam, tbss intake, lts, no cats, gibson exhaust, mild built Tranny, tuned my Bryan Herter from PCM for less.

I previously had a 5.3, 243 heads, 224/224 cam, tbss intake, lts, no cats, gibson exhaust. 343 rwhp tuned my Bryan Herter from PCM for less. (blown to smitherines)

Ok what has been happening is when in second gear and above when I am at wot and I hit redline and shift. I stay stuck in open loop or PE. My ltfts will still move but my stfts are zero and my o2's are at 0.9. If I wind out in first this does not happen. Only 2nd and third. The only way for this to reset to closed loop is to turn the truck off for a min. I am running a blue tooth with Torque app. I have also tried this on another app called OBD DroidScan and I get the same result. I have not verified this with HPT or another direct connection scan software yet. I have no vacuum leaks and other then this the truck runs great. This issue has happened with both motors so it is in either the tune, the loom or a sensor.

Things i have tried so far.
Replaced MAF
Replaced O2's
swapped PCMS
Rebuilt tune from another 6.0

I have tried shutting both apps off and unplugging and restating the apps to see if it was an app issue. Not luck

I am at a loss and so is Bryan. The last street tune we (he) was able to get the ltfts to stay on before the ltfts stayed at 0 also. Because the ltfts move after i let off leads me to believe it is not pe but getting stuck in open loop for some reason.

I would appreciate any help in trouble shooting or is anyone has dealt with this before.

Thank you for your help
04 Silverado ecsb 4wd 6.0 TBSS intake, 90mm tb, PRC 2.5 5.3 heads, Tourquer V2 cam 114 lsa, CAI, lt headers, deleted cats, 3 inch cat back Gibson, Custom tuned by Bryan Herter PCMforless
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