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I was looking for a way to disable the DRL and Autolights only for when going hunting so when i enter the bush or field my lights are not lighting up the whole woods. I coulnd't really find any real "how to" so i decided to write one up.

Skill - Anyone with a pulse
Time - 10 -30 mins
Tools - 7mm Socket Deep or with Extension and Rachet
- Trim Pry Tool/Flat Screw Driver
- (2) 5W 1.8K resistors ( Radioshack or The Source in Canada Has Multi Pack For $6.99 CDN)
- 5/8" x 3" Dual Wall Shrink Tube or Electrical Tape
- Optional Side Cutters

Auto - Lights Disable
First step is to remove the drivers side pillar cover, remove the cap and behind it is a 7mm bolt, after removing that there is one clip 2/3 of the way down, be careful not to brake it, mine kinda broke a bit but it still sits well
View attachment 785297

Then lift the front cover of the dash off, its held in place by 5 body clips really easy to come out with a flat pry tool or trim removal tools

Then you twist the sensor counter clockwise to unlock it, unclip the sensor and with the plug facing you and the tab to the top, insert the two 5w 1.8K resistors vertically
View attachment 785329
View attachment 785321

you can cut the tabs off to make it easier to install the shrink tube or you can leave them upto you. You can also use electrical tape if you ever want to go back to stock, i dont plan on it so i choose to have mine well secured with the shrink tube, worst case you depin the wires and get a new connector
View attachment 785313
View attachment 785305

Reinstall dash front cover
Reinstall pillar cover

Day Time Running Lights Disable
Remove fuse 32 and 34


The resistors pictured in the mod are not 1.8K ohm 5w resistors. They are 47ohm 1/2 watt resistors.

good observation, especially for me who knows nothing about resistor stuff.
I simply want to disable my DRL and headlamps on so I can hunt/camp etc without spooking game or fellow campers at pre Dawn hours.
I bought 2019 truck from dealer in the states but it was imported from Canada.
will this work as original posTed? And which resistors are correct ones
thank you for any advice.
Desperate to eliminate lights on all the time unnecessarily
took truck to local dealer, charged me $100 concluding that system is designed not to modify Canadian safety settings”

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What years does this apply to looking for a work around the Canadian version drls. Bought my 16 in its hometown where it was made, so what I've learned is that the bcm is reprogrammed when it goes to Canadian dealers for a literal 1 to a 0 in binary code which is what the whole problem is. Dealer won't touch your bcm bc when you say anything about drls lights they follow a tsp from gm saying nothing further needs be done. So my question does this wire shorting work against this setup?
I would love to disable my DRL a Canadian born 2019 High Country now American and gonna remain American vehicle.
Any help? I’m desperate as I hunt and camp a lot.. disturbs game and fellow hunters neighbor farmers etc

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Someone else wrote this up, and it works perfectly. No tearing apart the upper dash, or buying resistors. You can use a switch, as he did, or permanently disable by shorting these two wires.

- Pull off the knee panel below the steering wheel (Two bolts at the bottom, yank hard at the top left corner of the panel and it pops off. It helps to remove the end panel where fuses and relays live). - Be careful you keep an eye out for any parts that fly off the panel as you yank it off. For me, one of the brass panel clips sprung off and flew out of the truck. Those things can fly pretty far! There are two clips - one on each end along the top of the panel. - Look directly beneath the steering wheel. You'll see five harnesses and their associated wire bundles coming off the TBC (Truck Body Computer). This consists of two small connectors on the ends (left and right) and three larger connectors between. All the connectors are in a single line. - Above the connectors, on the body of the TBC, you'll see the connector designations. From left to right, you'll see "J2", "J3", and "J4". They're small and hard to see, so make sure you have a good light. You're interested in J3 and J4, the middle one and the one to its immediate right, respectively. - Look for the white wire from pin A4 of J3 and the black wire from pin B7 of J4. The pin numberings are stamped on the back of the connectors. They gave you plenty of slack so it will be easy to separate the wires to look for these two. These two wires run up behind the dash to the Ambient Light sensor on top. These are the two wires you want to 'short'. - Slice open the insulation on both wires with a regular box knife. Make the slice long enough to wrap another wire around the bare wire. I hate cutting wires; I did it this way to improve reliability. I wrapped the joints in electrical tape. - I used 24 Gauge wire I had lying around to wrap around the naked wire I just sliced. Do this to both black and white wires. - Other ends of the 24Ga wires go to a switch. - I mounted the switch to a hole that was already at the bottom of the dash. The switch sticks out the bottom. The switch is out of sight but easy to reach. The above procedure is pretty simple and fairly foolproof, but if you're anal, you can do the following four tests before putting everything back together. Do them in the order listed. All tests are done with ignition "on". Engine does not have to be running: 1 - Cover the Ambient Light Sensor that's in the middle top of the dash so that it's completely in the dark, simulating night conditions. NRA's "America's 1st Freedom" magazine is good for this. Flip the new switch so that it's 'open'. This is the factory configuration. Make sure the Factory Headlight Control is "off". With the sensor covered (in the dark), the lights should come on. Note that there is a short delay after you toggle the switch or cover/uncover the sensor before the setting takes effect. 2 - With the Sensor still in the dark, flip the switch closed. This is the 'defeat' position. This 'shorts' J3-A4 and J4-B7 together fooling the computer into thinking that it's daylight outside. After a short delay, the headlights, parking lights, and tail lights should extinguish. Flip the switch back open and make sure the headlights, parking lights, and tail lights turn on after a short delay. 3 - Make sure the factory configuration still works: Make sure the Sensor is in the dark and the new switch is in the 'factory'/'open' position (the lights should be on). Expose the Ambient Light Sensor to bright light (e.g. sun). After a short delay, the lights should shut off. Cover the Sensor again and the lights should come on after a short delay. This verifies that the factory sensor function still operates correctly. 4a - Testing Factory Light Control, Defeat Config: With the sensor still in the dark, flip the switch to the 'defeat'/'closed' position. Wait for the lights to turn off. Move the factory headlight control to the "parking light" position. Verify that only the tail and parking lights turn on. Move the factory headlight control to the 'headlight' position. Verify that the headlights also turn on. 4b - Testing Factory Light Control, Factory Config, Daytime: Uncover the sensor so that it's exposed to bright light. Move the new switch to 'open'/'factory'. Wait for the lights to turn off. Verify that you can turn the lights on and off via the factory light control. 4c - Testing Factory Light Control, Factory Config, Nighttime: Cover the sensor so it's completely dark. Make sure new switch is in 'open'/'factory' position. Wait for lights to come on. Verify that you cannot turn off the lights with the factory light controls. If all tests above pass, you're good to go. Put everything back together and enjoy. .....I took pictures of the entire operation, but this site won't let me upload them - too big. I'm too lazy to resize them. Oh well.
I read your post with great interest. I have a 2019 American High Country previously Canadian and I’m desperate to rid my self of full time DRL. I camp and hunt a lot. Dont want to light up farm fields as I drive in or out.
Does this work? Can I get pictures? Not sure how to communicate. PM me.
Thanks very much for any help. Bud
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