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This project will take approximately 1 hour including clean up and prep .

window needs to be all the way up for this to work best

take off your door panel and lets get started. (i have previous blog on how to do so)

need to start to take the plastic off

there is a metal bar that connects interior door handle to open the door you need to disconnect by sliding the plastic clip to let the rod out

there is one bolt holding it in then slide the handle to the left

now you can carefully remove the plastic and set it somewhere safe (dont let it stick to its self)

use painters tape strips to hold the window while we unbolt things

unbolt 2 bolts clamping down the window on each side then there are 6 bolts (all 10MM i belive) holding the regulator in

now back down the window regulator with the switch to separate it from the window.
there are 3 bolts holding the motor to attach it to the lift
carefully pull the motor out and push the new one in

now re assemble in backward order. if i left out any details or there is any questions feel free to drop me a comment (let me know if pictures uploaded to this as well)
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