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my blower motor continued to run even with the key out of the ignition, I also lost control of fan speed. Pulling the 40A under the fuse panel shut it down, so I figured my blower motor resistor was grounded out.

• Skill Level: Anyone
• Time: 2 hours
• Special Tools: 5.5mm socket (not in my Stanley kit)

Things You'll Need
•7mm socket, 5.5mm socket, 1/4 ratchet, small flathead, wire stripers, splice and shrink connectors

•Step by Step instructions
-remove passenger side hush panel with 7mm socket; their are 3 screws the one closest to the center console is a pain.
-remove the 2 bolts holding the resistor in place; it will pull out of the air chamber next to the blower motor. It is about the size of a deck of cards.
-unclip the 3 prong pigtail from the harness, and the 2 prong pigtail from the back of the blower motor.
-your replacement part will have a 5 prong adapter; 2 will go back to the blower motor, and 3 bare wires that you will have to splice into the harness.
-cut off the 3 wires close to the connector of your harness. strip off about 1/4" of the insulation. 2 wires at 12g, and 1 is 22g. place the bare end in one of the crimp and shrink wire connector, and the other from the new resistor. shrink with a hair drier or torch.
-here is everyone's favorite phrase, INSTALLATION IS REVERSE OF REMOVAL.

-put in 40A fuse and if you don't hear the blower motor kick in then you know you succeeded. Also make sure you have speed control on your climate controller.

-for $90 and a little DIY time you did a project that would cost $125 for the part and 3 hrs labor.

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yea, i know there are two models that year but im assuming its the classic since i havent heard of that happening in the NNBS.

For some reason i cant see his picture. edit, i could finally get to see it, its a classic so this will work for the nbs model.
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