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...and they're all electrical.

Howdy, everyone! New to this forum but a long time Chevy enthusiast. I finally (after years of dreaming) got the chance to own my own Silverado a few month back and man do I love her, despite her flaws. Even though she's an 03 and a salvage, she runs good and I want to keep her for a while.

That being said, I'm needing some help to get a few bugs worked out. Almost all problem I have with my truck are electrical in nature. Here's a list of what's going on:

Left turn signal doesn't work on the rear, despite several bulb changes.
Seems like there is a fault in the elec. system, whenever I depress the brake pedal, lights on the dash come on and the turn signals in the mirror light up.
Whenever headlights are on, turn signals in the mirror are on dimly, turn signals flash erradically when brake pedal is depressed.
Whenever key is on, even in the daytime, you can see the faintest glow in the headlights.
Headlights flicker.
Brake/ABS lights randomly come on and off and the ABS unit activates at low speed.
Transfer case doesn't work, DIC says Services 4wd
A lot of noise through the radio, steering wheel controls won't work, and there is a noise coming from the OnStar mic on the driver's side headliner.
The issues above have been ongoing since I bought the truck in April. The newest issue that happened to me tonight on my way home was as I was going uphill, all my directional lights came on including the ones in the mirror and dash, the headlights dimmed, and the truck tried to stall.

I have noticed that the lighting issues seem to be more prevelent when the truck hits a bump or is rocked. I'm hoping maybe it's all interrelated somehow, like a bad ground, but I don't know. Like I said, I want to keep this truck for a while, it was my dream to own a Chevy or GMC truck since I got my license 10+ years ago.

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Please and thanks everyone!!


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Why is the truck a salvage? For the radio. If you are getting a lot of noise through it. That would point to a bad alternator. It seems as though someone has thrown water into you electrical and may need a thorough going through. I have never seen this kind of issue unless the truck was in some sort of flood. and at that point its good luck trying to figure it out. may need all new computers ect.

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As stated above, check all the grounds. As far as your second problem, check to make sure all the bulbs installed are the correct bulbs. I have seen similar symptoms you have with people installing the wrong bulb in a socket.
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