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I've had my 2019 Sierra for about 5 months and turned on Passive Door Lock mode shortly after buying the vehicle. The doors have always locked when I stepped out of range during this time, except for today. I drove to the store and after returning to my vehicle I noticed my door was unlocked, then I drove home and noticed it still wasn't locking the doors when I went inside the house. I went through the infotainment door lock settings and found that Passive Door Lock was "off", but it had been turned on for the past 5 months. I live alone, and I'm the only one who has ever driven this vehicle. The battery was never disconnected or allowed to die, and I haven't touched any of the infotainment settings since the first time I configured everything 5 months ago. What could have caused this setting to be changed with no input from me? I liked not having to worry about locking my doors with this setting, but now it feels like a false sense of security.
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