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hey guys got my 03 5.3l running rough for a while now.. fuel trims seem ok and have been dealt with but still have a misfire on 2/3 big hits and 4/7 have hits once in a while.. rough idle sometimes low power sometime long cranks hot or cold.. new pump/filter/lines front to back.

took a screw driver to listen to injectors on those cylinders and both 2 and 3 have a more tingy/hollow sound to them they also sorta follow the rough idle sound rythem.. im assuming 4/7 are just reacting to the fuel trims slightly changing since the o2s are seeing less or more fuel randomly..

might be able to get my hand on a tech 2 or decent scanner this weekend..would like to do a balance test and crank relearn since ive tossed in a new to me sensor..wondering id that might be timing it off.... might run into town and grab a noid light to make sure its not the wiring/pcm doing it tho
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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