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Installing 10" subs in extended cab

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I have recently just purchased 2 10" Alpine subs to put under the rear seats in my 02 extended cab. I am having some issues making a box that will fit under my rear seat, due to the fact that the subs are 9.5" deep. I was hoping to get down advice on how to get these to fit. Any advice is helpful!
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I would sell the subs or return them and then buy a pair that will fit. I have a little rule I like to follow whenever I do an install. Buy gear that fits the vehicle and don't make the vehicle fit the gear.

If you absolutely have to have these subs your options are to either lower the floor of the truck or raise the rear seat higher.
Thanks for the reply, I've came to the conclusion to get new subs. Also a good rule to live by!
I had a 12 under the seat in my 2000 sierra. But i made my own box.
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