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Hey guys question for ya, Ive got a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500hd classic with a 6.0 and a manual T case and my 4x4 has been acting up.When I throw the t case into 4x4 the light on the dash wont light up and obviously its not engaging the front end. The part i struggle with is sometimes it will work and others I'll leave the t case in 4x4 and keep driving and magically it will engage the front end and the lights will come on. Others nothing at all. I switched the switch on the t case a while ago and didn't seem to change anything.

I know the switch on the T-case and actuator on the front differential are common problems and I've read up on both but i have yet to find an article or anything with someone having the same intermittent problem as me. I've checked both electrical plugs on the T-case and front diff actuator and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary or loose with the plug ends or wiring.

Any ideas?
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