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Well I have been beating my head against the wall the past few weeks trying to find any information that jives between 2 different installs but have yet to find anything for upgrading the bose sound in my 2010 Sierra SLT. I am not looking for the quick fix and add an LOC with Amp and sub. I would like to start with a DSP (digital sound processor) and see if that makes any improvement and from there move on to installing an amp and changing speakers and finally if needed to get it to my liking adding a subwoofer. I will not be upgrading the stereo/ Head Unit as I like the factory look on my slt and have no use for a screen. I am willing to invest some dollars to get what I'd like but do not have a sky's the limit budget either. Does anyone have any input on adding just a dsp in particular the JL? I've been considering going to talk to the mobile electronics guy that my buddy uses but do not want to have to pay for installation when I know I can do it myself.

If I do get input or end up going to the "experts" I will write up a post for everyone else to use.
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