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I checked the site last night & I found it ironic that I saw crableg85's post on the front page about his 2017 leaking.

So the Friday after thanksgiving we got a really good rain all morning. I happen to load some stuff in the back seat afterward & saw that the headliner was soaked along with a small puddle on the top of the seat back (sorry for bad quality pic) and then a few splatters on the actual seat. I see the water stain line up top & remember seeing it this summer but didn't think anything of it at all & never put two & two together. I rarely drive the truck in the rain during rush hour with all the bad drivers here & usually am in the back seat even less.

I called Friday afternoon to a dealership here in town & after I spoke to someone actually in the service department I would be able to bring it in first thing Monday morning (it was suppose to rain 50% Monday afternoon) & they would have all the loaners back from the weekend to provide me with one. I was informed that they probably wouldn't be able to look at it until Tuesday though but since I can't get it under any cover here that wasn't going to be a deal breaker. I got the truck back Wednesday afternoon with the leak fixed but they had to order a new head liner & that is2 weeks out. I'll get another loaner once I take it back & its estimated 2 days on that. I was very adamant that I concerned about mold giving that I really don't know how long it was leaking. They said that there was no mold but I'm still kind of skeptical honestly. The leather doesn't seem to have any problems & when it was wet it was coming down the back of the cab & the floorboard along the raised portion of back driver side was wet. It wasn't a huge area maybe the size of a potato right around the tire iron placement.

Since it was dark by the time I got it back yesterday I'm going out there today to look at it further. I've had the truck 19 months & it's not like it is super wet here but I'm just worried that it has been going on for a while, hopefully not since I've bought it. I have smelt it a little musty before but not bad & it sure didn't click with me either. The picture of the brake light is from the next day showing all the condensation in it.

Anyway, just a heads up for anyone else that may have this issue & not know it.






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wow that's bad. I have had issues with three different after market brake lights. But not factory. I went to pull a 2016s off the other day to change the cargo light bulbs and I though I was going to brake it trying to pop it off it was sealed that well.
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