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So I've been away for a little while being busy with life, but I finally have some time to start tinkering on my new (to me) pickup. I purchased this pickup several months ago, but have been away working out of state for most of that time. I got home several weeks ago and now I FINALLY get to play with it. I purchased this pickup to replace my 2009 5.3L LTZ, as I wanted something with more towing capabilities. I purchased it from a fellow across the northern border in Canada in order to take advantage of the exchange rate. Haven't done too much to it yet, but I just happened to purchase some goodies tonight. So here is my build thread, with the mods currently installed, and then the mods I intend to put on in the future:

Current Mods:

-RBP 94R 20" wheels
-Toyo AT2 tires
-HID low-beam headlights in stock assemblies
-Eonon GA6180F Head Unit
-Backup Camera
-Rugged Ridge floor Liners
-Bushwhacker Fender Flares with Rhino-Line
-Rhino-Lined bed
-Spray on Armor guard along bottom of truck
-Wheel well liners in front end
-Armor clear protective tape on front of hood
-3" black nerf bars

Mods for future:

-Bilstein 5100's all around (purchased)
-Westin HDX Drop Steps (purchased)
-Weather tech Vent Visors for front and rear (purchased)
-DiabloSport Intune i2000 (possess just haven't installed yet.)
-Custom bumper
-CAI (Any idea if I can just use my K&N Blackhawk out of my 5.3L 1/2 ton?)
-dash cluster conversion from metric to American (right now I just use a speedo app on my Eonon for ease
-Headers >(Still trying to figure out
-Exhaust > what setup I want. I want a nice throaty grumble, without too many decibels)

I'm sure this list will continue to extend but that's what I have for the time being. Here's a few photos of the way it sits now, and I will try to get a few more up as I get the time. Open to any opinions advice or ideas moving forward. Thanks for looking!

P.S. I also intend on selling my half ton, figure I probably am just better off posting locally, but if there's any interest I might make a post in Trucks for Sale. 2009 5.3L LTZ 95,XXX miles


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Thanks, I appreciate it! Bilstein's shipped out today so should be here sometime next week. I'm really excited to put those on because just like a German virgin, the suspension is Guten-tight! My back and neck miss the ride quality of the 1/2 ton for sure, so hopefully the struts should soften 'er up a bit.
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