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Lzo/refresh questions door locks

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Hey all I was rooting around under my hood and found a bracket behind the battery. Looks like something should be attracted to it anybody have any ideas? I am thinking maybe it was something used on the older engine that didn’t make its way over to the loo? Also any of you guys that have the refresh know how to turn off the rear door lock. Truck will be unlocked I get out the rear passenger doors are always locked. Make matters worse the older gen had the door lock button on the handle they didn’t put it on the refresh or maybe I had a package on the old truck I didn’t get with this one. Here’s under the hood photo


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Coincidentally I just post about this in another thread. I have a '22 refresh with LM2 (Built August '22)

I have the bracket with the studs but I have nothing attached. Do we know what that module is for? I would assume I still have that module but it was relocated on the refresh w/ LM2. Apologies on the picture being so dark.

When I was disconnecting my battery the other day, my socket extension touched the stud and sent sparks. If there is nothing attached, I think I want to replace it with the plastic version. My BIL has a 2020 Silverado Custom w/ 5.3 and his is plastic without the studs. I don't want to take the chance of shorting something out since it's so close to the negative terminal.

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