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hello all, not sure of correct location.

I bought a used 2010 Silverado 1500 with 98k miles on it about 6-7 months ago, i now have 125 k miles on her what maintenance should i do to upkeep her for a long time, aside from oil changes? I am not sure what previous owner has done, that being sad where should i start?

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I bought my truck with 82k on it. I called the dealership that the previous owner bought it from to see if he had any service done there. He did and I found out the tranny and transfer case fluids were done at 52k and regular oil changes. So when I got it over the course of a year I did front and rear differentials, coolant, transmission fluid, transfer case and spark plugs and wires again. I also cleaned the throttle body and MAF for good measure. The shocks are another item you may want to consider.

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Any GM dealer should be able to pull up the service history of a GM truck or car that is done by a dealer if you give them the VIN. I would start there.
But, bottom line is that I wouldn't trust anyone else and just do the major services myself.
I suggest these to start with and assuming they have never been done, I would get them done or do them yourself ASAP.
Transmission pan drop and filter change.
Transfer case fluid change
Front differential fluid change
Rear differential fluid change
While you are underneath it doing the above services, check everything else under there for possible problems.
Spark plugs and wires
Coolant flush and fill
Check over the belts and hoses
Check air filter and change if there is any doubt it needs changing.
Check Brakes
MAF Cleaning
Throttle Body Cleaning
Drop the spare tire and lube the system to prevent lockup due to corrosion.
There is more, but that will be the major items and will keep you busy for a while.

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Bought mine with 93k and did the 100k maintenance. First thing I did was disable AFM. Next I began with changing every fluid in the truck except the tranny. I am replacing that 3quarts at a time every few thousand miles because I don't know how the tranny was maintained. If you do it all at once with a flush it can go bad for you. Then I started the most common sense proceedures to me. Throttle body, maf cleaning, replace air filter, spark plugs. I went cheap and kept the old wires. I didn't replace the belts or hoses but I looked them over real well. Jacked up the front of the truck and inspected the front end. Things I still want to do are grease the front hubs through the ABS sensors and do a good under carriage cleaning and protection.

So far I have about $500.00 in maintenance including a couple of specialty tools. By doing it myself I saved a ton of money and I got to really learn all about my truck.
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