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Malaki 2003 1500HD Build

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Well I wasn't expecting to start a build thread again so soon. Especially not one for a 2003 again but here goes.

Here is my current truck (I am trading in soon) 2015 GMC Sierra (build thread) Malaki 2015 Sierra Build

I got a phone call from my father that works at a dealership about this 2003 1500HD with only 135,XXX miles that he could get me for a good deal. So I went in and looked at it and took it home to test drive. It has it's flaws but they all are normal for what it is. It has a manifold leak, Rust on the rockers and a couple dents. Nothing that can't be fixed. Dad called me a couple days later telling me someone else was wanting to buy it so I made the decision to jump on it and take on the new adventure. Here are the pictures of when I first took it home.

The interior looks immaculate. It looks like the back seat has never been sat in.


Future plans.
- Fix manifold
- Tool box
- New taillights
- Towing mirrors
- Exhaust
- Bigger tires

More to come


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I was riding my bike though my old campus yesterday and saw a student had the 100% identical truck. That green is nice all shined up

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Yeah they have some bad winter reviews, i was wanting them before i bought my falkens. They are good in deep snow, but that shushy ice thats usually on the road is where they will skate across the road. I had a set of timberland MT tires which were similar, took one snowfall to realize they needed to go.

They will look good on the truck though
Cheap headers are a huge hit or miss. I bought the cheap ones for my trans am. I ended up changing header gaskets annually. Not very fun.

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The issues are usually with the mating surfaces and flange material/thickness. Cheaper ones tend to warp and then blow them out. But if you're planning on dumping it next year they wouldn't be too bad

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Please no straight pipes. And you just put a stock manifold back on it? Or was it just a gasket?

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