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Malaki 2003 1500HD Build

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Well I wasn't expecting to start a build thread again so soon. Especially not one for a 2003 again but here goes.

Here is my current truck (I am trading in soon) 2015 GMC Sierra (build thread) Malaki 2015 Sierra Build

I got a phone call from my father that works at a dealership about this 2003 1500HD with only 135,XXX miles that he could get me for a good deal. So I went in and looked at it and took it home to test drive. It has it's flaws but they all are normal for what it is. It has a manifold leak, Rust on the rockers and a couple dents. Nothing that can't be fixed. Dad called me a couple days later telling me someone else was wanting to buy it so I made the decision to jump on it and take on the new adventure. Here are the pictures of when I first took it home.

The interior looks immaculate. It looks like the back seat has never been sat in.


Future plans.
- Fix manifold
- Tool box
- New taillights
- Towing mirrors
- Exhaust
- Bigger tires

More to come


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It was nice having my garage full of trucks for a little while.

My GMC and Ol Green at the dealership

First thing I did was take the truck in and fix some problems. Its amazing what sanding and painting can do to a truck.


Front end before


I personally think it looks much better. I cleaned up and put the K&N intake in.

Next project is to clean up the engine bay and frame. This build is going to be full of these kind of cheap mods.


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BCZ71 said:
What did you use on the steps? What type of paint, or was it plasti-dip? Nice looking truck!
I used plastidip for now. Just wanted to see how everything would look. Ill leave it on there all winter then do something that is more permanent later on.
I am a big fan of this truck so far. I dont plan on doing a whole lot to it mod wise but thats what I said about my last 2 trucks and you can see how that turned out. I am sure the mod bug will hit me soon. This thread will be picture heavy as usual
Got ahold of a tool box for free today. so continues the cheap mods for the ole 6.0


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Yeah I am a big fan of the green. It's different and I've never had a vehicle that color. I really want to put some nice chrome 20 inch wheels on it to really make the color pop.

I do love the simplicity of these trucks. Just taking off the grill was so easy compared to my GMC.
nealinator said:
Can't beat that! How did you come by it? Looks like a short one...or is that just the perspective?
Actually when I was in signing paperwork the GM of the dealership came in and said they just got a truck in with a tool box if I wanted to put it in my truck. I couldn't pass up that opportunity. :lol: it is a short one which I like so I can still fit my 4 wheeler and other junk in the bed.
Just picked up some new tires for $200. They will fill in the wheel wells much better than those ugly 245s and these actually have some aggressive tread. Continuing the theme of cheap mods for this truck.


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nealinator said:
Those look in good shape. How many miles were on them? And what is the date code?

Either way....$200 Is pretty cheap.
15,000 miles on them. The guy took them off of his work commuter because he didn't want tires that aggressive when he bought the vehicle to save some gas off his jacked up F250. They will be perfect for what I need.
Hpl said:
If you're not going to plow with it, you can get some $$ for the plow mounts and wiring. The mounts go for around $200, I'm not sure about the wiring.
I am glad you told me that because I took them off and I did not know they are worth that much. I will have to see if I can not sell them. Thank you
silentbravo said:
Same tires I have, they look good but the ride is poor and they're loud like mud tires are lol.

Watch driving on ice also, they are really poor in those conditions.

For that reason I switch to some old Cooper AT3's for the winter. Even though some of them leak down now and the studs all worn off they have good grip on ice/snow. They ride so much nicer as well haha
I may have to get something different if they do not perform well in winter. That is the main reason I got them. plus I wanted something more aggressive. I may be getting new wheels for this truck eventually so I will upgrade tires then Probably. For now atleast they will make the truck look good haha
Atleast I will look good sliding into the ditch haha I may have to sell these and keep looking
Great thank you. I will take them off and try to sell them.
A little teaser of the green machine with the new tires. I'm going to run them and see how they perform. If they suck I will upgrade to something new.


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Here are some better pictures of the new tires. May be getting new wheels soon for it from OEWheels. So that will make it look a lot nicer.



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I am really happy with it so far. It has changed quite a bit. I've got some more plans for it that I hope will really clean it up even more. I plan on keeping it in the garage so it stays has clean as possible.
Hoagie90 said:
Truck is looking good Malaki! Subbed for the progress. You should pick up some Falken AT3s! I'm loving these tires so far.
I was looking at those before I found these ones for such a cheap price! If I get new wheels i will look into those
silentbravo said:
I always liked those OEM 8 lug wheels, the used ones for sale around here are expensive.

Do those tires poke out the sides at all? Maybe a picture from straight on, sighting down the side would show me best. The tires do look good :D
This is the best picture I have of the front. The front tires sit about flush with the fender flares and the back tires are still inside the fender flares


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Thats actually what I wanted was the 285s but i couldn't find any for a good price so I settled for the 265s. Anything looks better than those awful 245s. Haha
Got the ole 6.0 detailed and looking good. It cleans up very nicely. I've already had multiple people tell me they want first dibs when I sell it. I haven't drove it much because I have been enjoying my GMC. When we get more snow I will be driving this truck every day.
unnamed (2).jpg



I went to the junk yard to get a gas door and they only had 1 that wasn't rusted out. And to my surprise it was actually green :shock: So I put that on to clean up the side.


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