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Hey guys, I'm new on here I have a 11' 1500 with the 4.8L. I got out of work on Friday ran threw the car wash and for some stupid reason I thought to knock the dust off the engine bay so I hit it with the power washer quick. Truck didn't want to stay running at first and the "reduced engine power" came on along with the check engine light. I got it home luckily I live less than a mile from the car wash and put it on the obd II scanner well the codes were flying P0068, P0106, P0101, P0300. I popped the hood and sprayed some of the sensor connections down with WD-40 hoping to pull some of the moisture out. Now the only codes staying on are P0068 and P0106 so I went to advanced and ordered a MAP sensor just picked it up and went to swap it but cannot locate the old one google and YouTube aren't up to date with the year of my truck the best I got was an 04' 5.3L so I was hoping one of you have changed it before on my year or have a diagram or picture to help me out please! Thank you Ross
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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