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Hey yall, Ive been wanting to do a build thread for a while, and thanks to Hurricane Matthew, I was sent down to do storm damage cleanup (I am an arborist by trade). So after 4 long weeks of straight storm cleanup, I will be returning home with full pockets, and let me tell you what... they've been burning. So since I have been wanting to do a lot of "upgrades" to the truck, but have been holding back due to lack of funding, I can now spend a little money on it and have some fun.

I have already done quite a bit to it, and I'll try to go over most of it below. Also a list of future upgrades will be added to.

This what the truck looked like when I brought it home 2 years ago.

And this is the truck as it sits currently (November '16)

Heres a list of what I have done so far...
-Leveling kit from Rough Country (2" strut spacers)
-Painted wheels (semi-gloss duplicolor spray paint....tried plastidip, but it did not hold up at all)
-Bull bar with LED pods wired into the high beam circuit
-Light bar on roof with wireless remote control
-Upgraded mirrors
-Upgraded door speakers and head unit (wanted Satellite radio)
-CB radio
-Blacked out chevy emblems
-See through custom chevy decal on back window link to topic i made earlier on this
-Texas Edition badging (only because i thought it looked cool hahaha)

Current Projects:
-Upgraded LED taillights in the mail
-Stock Headlight customizing (stay tuned)
-Side marking/clearance lights
-Throttle body spacer (heard this helps with low end torque?????)
-Exhaust cut outs!! (very excited abouth this one)
-Wiring up an old air raid siren to car alarm (this may or may not pan out, but either way it will stay in truck)


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