I have three Moto Metal 960 17x9 wheels from my 2007 Silverado Classic LT. Due to a minor accident, one wheel got damaged beyond repair. Only that wheel was involved. I could not get a replacement so I got 4 new stock wheels and threw the damaged wheel into the aluminum recycle bin at our local landfill.

The chrome is peeling off the alloy in places but the wheels are solid and true. This model has been out of production since 2008 so if you have a set but you need a replacement for a damaged wheel, yours are probably in the same shape as mine.

I will sell them for $100 ea, one or two at a time or all three. I will pay for shipping up to $75, after that, they are worth more at the recyclers. I'm only doing this to help someone in my position but want to keep their wheels, they just need that one (or two) to have a complete set.

I am not using Facebook market place because of a bad experience with them (not from facebook but from a potential buyer). I would not use Craigslist.