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My high school had a racing club, since we had a track about 30 minutes away, and they had 3 vehicles. There was an S10 or S15 truck, probably late 80s, extra cab, slow LOL. They also had a Beretta and one other car that was unique, can't even remember what it was but it had a digital display for MPH. These were all 80s or 90s vehicles.

I'm pretty sure I ran the Beretta at least once, ran the S10 at least twice, and the other car once. I have some time slips somewhere but they may have faded by now, that was in like 2003 lol. I don't think any of them broke 95mph. Seems like my best time in the truck was in the 15s around 82 or 88mph can't quite remember.

I think that Beretta was yellow though.
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