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Hey guys! There may be some on this forum that know me from a long time ago in other places, such as S10Planet, where I have been a member for 13 years. I bring to the table troubleshooting assistance (I was an aviation electrician in the Navy for a few years), and I also bring good times! I currently have a 2008 Silverado 1500, with a Thrush glasspack, Air Raid MIT intake, and if Amazon will get their act together, my Diablosport tuner will be here sometime this week.

My most recent vehicle before this one was a 2003 1500HD, which unfortunately died in a collision last month and was totaled. If anybody wants it for parts it will be up for auction soon in MIssoula, MT. Here is a link to that

I'll be posting around, I like to lurk a lot, but I do contribute when I have an idea or I can actually help from time to time.

Also I do have computer repair experience and do a lot with networking, so if anyone needs help in that respect, let me know.
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