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New Guy from Western PA

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What’s going on? I decided to join the gun because I now own a 2012 Silverado 1500 LT with around 110,000 miles on the 5.3. I live in Beaver County, 4 miles from the East Palestine train derailment that was all over the news. I’m hoping to pick up a tuner to disable the afm or find someone nearby that I can pay to do it. I look forward to improving my Silverado and checking out everyone else’s rides!
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Welcome. Looks like you found a nice Silverado.

Many of us on here have a Diablosport Intune for turning off the AFM. But it also allows you to get a custom tune which gives a little boost in power and a huge boost in trans shifting characteristics.

You can read about many experiences on here: Search results for query: lew tune

He has a website where you can buy the tuner and get started with the email tuning process: DiabLew Tune - Custom Tuning for GM Vehicles - DiabloSport inTune 2030, Diablo inTune 8245 Platinum, DiabloSport Trinity, inTune, DiabloSport Trinity 9245 Platinum, Custom Tuning by 06MonteSS, custom GM tuning

I chose to purchase a used intune from another member at a much lower price and then reached out to Lew for the custom tune.

Not sure if this one is still available: Diablo Intune I3 Platinum Tuner

Your truck can use the oldest i1000, or the later i2030 (which is what I have) or the newer i3.

If you dont want the custom tune, you can use a canned tune or just turn off AFM with no tune. The canned tunes are nothing like what the custom tune can do.

But lastly, if you dont want a tuner, there are plug in devices that deactivate AFM. You just plug them into the OBD2 port and leave them in there.

For the price of these (they can be bought used also) I would go for an intune personally.
Thank you for the information! I’ve been reading about it but your reply was pretty useful. I’ll try and find a tuner. My motor has a tap or knock (I think) that I’ll have to post a recording off to see what some of the experts on here think.
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Welcome! Good looking truck. I like the color!
Thank you! Imperial Blue Metallic! Fell in love with it and the chrome front end as soon as I saw it haha!
Tick can be an exhaust leak or internals which would be bad. Use a solid cowl or screwdriver (best is a mechanics stethoscope from HF) and put to your ear and listen for where it is coming from. Will help diagnose and where to start looking.
Good idea! I’ll give it a try. Thanks!
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