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04 Silverado LS 4.8
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04 Silverado LS 4.8 Reg Cab/SB

Bought used in 2013. Currently 300K+ and I will never have another truck as good to me, as this one has been. Speaker/audio wiring has been suspicious since I bought it. Installed new set of door speakers not long after buying it, no issues. Recently got a set of rear pillar speakers and that's where it started.

Circled in yellow is the factory Brown(+) and Yellow(-) they weren't connected (they also do not work when connected correctly.) The white wires are ran from the speaker to the green circle which are basically extensions to splice into the (blue X's) factory right rear speaker wires. 🤦‍♂️
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Once I found the factory wires don't work, I followed them up front and found this. Unplug the harness - driver door speaker still works and the 2 pass side speakers do not, of course.
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Driver door speaker is connected to wires in the fuse box? What are these wires in the fuse box to? Why is several of them shrink wrapped?
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I'm so confused...please send help lol. 😭
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