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Oil light came on during deer season

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Man. Deer season was the pits this year. First two days no deer at all. We usually have one by noon opening day. First shit didn't happen until Sunday night. And i got two more Monday morning. Saw nothing the rest of that day or today. We still have 4 tags to fill....

Anyway on the 15 Mike drive to the property the dash lit up with bad oil pressure and constantly dinged. Wtf. Really? Pulled over and it wasn't knocking so I just drive it. I had read here about the screen and sending unit. Wife was impressed that I already probably knew the problem. Sitting in the blind I looked up the process of replacing it. Sound like a royal pita being I'm 4 hours from home, but did bring tools. Everyone on the net says 2 hours to do job. And you "should" pull the intake and that it CAN be done without pulling it.

So before noon Saturday I ran back to town to see if the mechanic has time. Since I'm so far from home I really don't wanna mess something up. He doesn't see what I'm driving and automatically asks if I'm driving a newer Chevy. Says he won't have time before Wednesday and since I'm leaving Tuesday he can't help me..... says the job is a pain in the ass and he might have to pull manifold.

Small towns everything is closed down at his point until Monday. Monday I call the Chevy dealer which happens to be where my truck was sold. They have 3 weeks to wait. Seriosly?

Called parts store they have parts. At this point I'm talking myself into fixing it. I've been driving it all weekend and dinging is going to send me to the asylum. I took dads truck the 30 mikes to parts store. Bought the filter, socket, pick and screen and went back to the hunting spot.

2 hours? Yea right. 30 minutes including cleanup. Never did see where I was working. Did it all by feel. Pretty easy job except I'm fat and belly would get caught in the fender. I did this litteraly on a dirt road. But I did loose the old unit. It's probably sitting on the bell housing jammed up. I could probably do it in 15 now. A gal at work has the same problem and hasn't driven the truck in 6 months. Think I'll get my parts paid for.
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Nice job man. So did you replace the screen and sending unit?

I always pack my tools and a jack whenever i go somewhere and usually end up using them on someone elses car. This weekend we ran to Pittsburg to get a corner cabinet that has been in the family for whatever amount of years so we packed as light as possible in case it wouldn't fit under the tonnoue. Sure enough on the way back to my aunt and uncles house from another aunt and uncles house the drivers brake seizes up....the ONE time...
Screen and sensor. I lost the old one. It fell down to never never land. Regardless I bought a new one.
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