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Oil Pressure Low - Stop Engine Light & Chime

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2010; 5.3L; 70,000 miles; Crew Cab 4X4; Lifter problem (???)...s​o the shop says...oil pressure low; stop engine light on along with engine light and oil can lamp...chiming constantly...​is this a correct diagnosis?

Is there a "lifter problem" history with these engines? Shop wants $3000 to repair all the lifters.

I am thinking a clogged Valve Lifter Oil Filter or Bad Sensor. I was going to add Marvel's Mystery Oil to the Gas and Oil to see if that clears it up. Too few miles, and normal use...I should not be having this issue.

Input is welcome!
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The lifters have been known to go bad. I would tend to think the low oil pressure is causing the lifter problem, not vice versa. The oil pimp pickup tube o-ring is a known source of causing low oil pressure when it stops sealing.
[quote="DBN1961"...... Lifter problem (???)...s o the shop says...oil pressure low; stop engine light on along with engine light and oil can lamp...chiming constantly... is this a correct diagnosis?.....[/quote]

Ask them how a lifter issue would cause low oil pressure. Seems the low oil pressure would cause a lifter issue.
there is a massive AFM lifter problem with these engines.

but im sure its not just the lifters that went wrong
Check out my thread here:

Low Oil Pressure - 2009 LC9

First thing's first: Do you or a friend have access to a manual/analog oil pressure gauge to determine whether or not the sensor is lying to the truck's computer? Is the engine making all kinds of noise and/or shuddering when the OPS (oil pressure sensor) says the pressure is low? Does the pressure read normal at startup and then tail off to zero or very low?

The oil pressure sensor is known to go bad on these vehicles, along with a filter screen directly underneath it getting clogged.

As a first and inexpensive attempt to fix your problem, I would recommend running some sea foam crank case cleaner in your oil (Following the directions on the can), changing your oil AND FILTER, followed by a new OPS and new OPS filter. If none of these fix your issue, you can be fairly certain you've got a more serious (read: Expensive) problem. However these are the steps I took to remedy my situation, which can be found in my thread above.

Best of Luck,

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Thanks everyone for your input. I took the truck to the dealership this AM. We will see. The independent shop (Christian Brother's Automotive) I took it to was trying to rip me off. I researched the parts prices they gave me, and the valve lifter oil manifold was $234 on Amazon, and they were trying to charge me $380. The gasket for that manifold was $18, and they tried to charge me $134...the oil pressure sensor was $40, and they quoted me $87...I mean come on! Oh, and I picked up the truck from that shop, and only the engine warning light was on, no chime and no warning message. This morning, NO warning lights at all!
Hopefully, it's only the sensor and screen issue mentioned above. No lifter noise, no loss in pressure according to the gauge. No power loss.

Will update when I find out what is really the issue.
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Ohh you never said that your engine was or wasn't making noise in the OP, the screen is a more likely issue then.

Shops do have to mark up prices on parts to make a living. The could also be using different brand parts than the ones you looked up. You could buy your own parts but Its like taking your own streak and potato to a steak house and telling them to cook it for you.

But hope it works out for you.
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I have a 2010 Silverado with a 5.3 with about a 100000 miles on it .it has given me low oil pressure warnings off and on over the past few years . it has good oil pressure otherwise it would have blown up by now. Have changed out the dash cause one shop said it was the will not come on until it has between 2500 and3000 miles on a oil change and still has 80%oil life on it .is the oil sender the issue cause have read about it but it carries good pressure until you get that amount of miles on it. Using Valvoline oil in it just like my 04 and 03 with 205000 and 282000 miles on them with no issues . think it is electrical maybe ops or something to do with the computer system . looking for answers
This happened to my 2007 1500 had no oil pressure all of a sudden, engine running normally no noise. I added 500 ml ATF to oil ran truck for 100 kilometers changed oil and filter problem gone. I had switch to cheaper oil filters a couple years ago regularly changing oil every 5000 k. Now using brand name filters not sure if there is any relation to problem ?????
Wow. This forum saved my A$$. I have lurked here for ideas for my Tahoe in the past. Today is the first time posting.

My truck was at the Body shop for 3 weeks. When I got it back it started Oil Pressure Low stop engine.

Experiance said oil sending unit. Thank goodness I looked here first. Changed the oil pressure sensor and screen. Bam. Oil pressure fine. Took 15 minutes!!!! Thanks yall
@truckguy816 that is EXACTLY when my truck started giving me this issue. Sitting at a body shop for 3 weeks after I got rear ended. Something about sitting must cause some sort of issue with these.

Ya i picked this one up for a steal, and wanted to fix the rust over the rear wheel wells. The body guy I chose ended up sick for a week, then hospitalized for 3 days. In total he had it 20 days, before I got it back. I picked it up last week, on Wednesday. Drove it to work Thursday, and Friday. Friday I towed my trailer. Later that night, it started going crazy. I started to assume oil sending unit. Another thread said o-ring on siphon pump. The task of changing that involves removing the front diff, and rack and pinion. So I was hoping for another common failure, that would be cheaper, and easier. Well this was definitely it. At idle for an hour oil pressure reads out 40, and at driving 45-50 depending on how hard I get at it.
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