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Radio Wigged Out

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I was cycling the stations on the way home and when it hit the 4th preset menu it was all XM. All my other presets were the same just the 4th menu all XM.

Also when switching bands the presets stay the same. In AM it shows the FM presets. When I hit next station on the steering wheel it jumps back to FM stations.

Then I listened to XM for the rest of the ride home.

Weird because I don't have a subscription. Tried it once when I got the truck and wouldn't play them except for a few seconds.

Any clue what is going on here?
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Telling us what year/model truck you have would definitely help in any diagnosis.
Sirius/XM does free trial weekends occasionally they activate every radio to get more subscribers. that may be why you are getting those stations.
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It's 2011. Factory radio. But why would it suddenly change that one line of presets. I was thinking maybe it was a trial period. Terrible advertising if it is. Does XM have the power to change settings in the radio?
Did you just buy the truck? I wonder if this is somehow left over from a previous owner.

Could also be a bad power or ground lead causing the head unit to reset itself. Or it's failing in some way.
Had it a few months. All the other presets stayed the same. It just overwrote the 4th preset menu with all xm channels.

I'm guessing it's failing, but it's working fine for now.
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