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In the past 3 months or so I have been getting the random flashing check engine light. I scan it every time and get the same Random Cylinder Misfire code (p0300) for the life of me I could not figure out what it is. I changed Everything I thought could could be the problem including Spark plugs,wires,8 new injectors And brand new coil packs..... and I still have this misfire.... Now lately it has only been happening getting onto the highway around 3k rpm and 4k rpm and going uphills ...... now as soon as the light comes on the truck sounds like you put a box of rocks in a dam blender .... but their is no power loss no jerking there is no physical effect when it happens besides the check engine flashing. The light never stays on either just a pending code on my scanner.

Any one have any clue what could be wrong on it its a 2004 5.3 with 117k on the clock

I am trying to trade the truck in for a 08 duramax but I don't want to take the truck in with the check engine light doing its thing and sounding like death.
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