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Hey there,

I have a '13 sierra denali. Looking to upgrade to 22"dubs in the spring. These dubs have the factory offset of 31mm and are the same dimensions as an escalade wheel( except they're 9.5"wide instead of 9.0")
My question is, anybody upgrade their sierra/silverado of the same year with 22,9.50's running a 285/45/22 tire. Can't see a problem if escalades have them and don't fall in and out of the ruts.
Sorry for the drawn out question. My other truck wanders all over the Alberta ruts with a set of BOSS 20's and 285 tires, (Wrong offset on those i think)Absolutely brutal even after an alignment and front end inspection.

I'm ok with a stiffer ride but won't go 22's if people say it'll wander.

Thank you.
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